Sunday, September 4, 2016

When love creeps into your heart

                                                  My family has some very exciting news to share: our nest has grown! A few evenings ago a special young man named Joe moved into our home. Joe's younger sister is our daughter Samantha, and in the 6.5 years since we adopted Sam, Joe has become very dear to our hearts. It is with great joy we welcome Joe!  

The other night, a few days before Joe moved in, I sat outside in the cool of a late summer's evening, quietly watching as the sun's last light waned over the darkening sky. As my spirit absorbed the silence of a dawning night, my heart quietly listened, mulled over life, and grew.

I have been contemplating the theme of nests lately, and that night my mind remembered back to when my nest began. Eric and I had been married a few years when we became parents for the first time.
Meeting Sammy for the first time
1st full day together
From the moment I saw our daughter's slight frame shyly enter the sterile social worker's office it was love at first site. As she peaked up at us from a cherubic elfin face I knew deep in my heart I'd love her forever. Sometimes love is like that: fast, instantaneous, a wholehearted diving in with all your soul has to offer.

And sometimes, love comes slowly, creeps up quietly in your heart and nestles in until you wonder how you ever lived without it.

I first met Joe 6.5 years ago as he stood quietly in the doorway of our old house, shyly saying hello as he and his foster mom dropped Sam off for a pre-adoption visit.
Siblings reunited 2010

Xmas 2011
Joe lived in a fantastic long term foster home in
 another town and we and his foster mom made it a top priority to keep the two siblings in close contact with regular visits.
museum 2011

For the past 6.5 years, every month or twoJoe would fly to my nest, perch on the edge for a day or two or twelve... and then fly back home to the safe and cozy nest in which he lived.
Red Robins 2014


high school grad

Suddenly a few weeks ago we were asked if Joe could come to us.  We had very little time to make a decision, but sometimes you just know in the deepest part of your heart what the right step to take is. This was one of those times. With God whispering into our spirits to go forward in faith, our nest expanded.

And so, on that quiet evening on my back deck, as I sat beneath my
favourite tree and watched the stars slowly appear and begin to twinkle in the darkness my spirit realized what my heart has known for a very long time. I really love Joe.

Moving in 2016!
Joe has now been in our home for 4 days, and yet in a funny way it feels like forever. He is fitting in seamless with the personalities and spirits of our family. His gentle sense of humour, creative ideas, and kindness have been fun to get to know in a new way. I've had fun cooking with him and chatting and hearing some of his ideas (he has great plans to expand the sunroom where I grow a few tropical plants during the winter into an indoor rainforest type of room). 

There is a long line of special women who have loved and cared for Joe over the years, and their love for him will remain a constant in his life. In particular, he has an amazing foster mom under whose care he flourished for the past 7 years and who will continue to play a role in his life; a special Grandmother in Heaven;  and a birth mother he loves deeply.   These women will long be part of Joe's life and heart and I can never take their place, nor do I want to.

winter 2015
However, that said, I am thankful for the unique relationship he and I have and for this new role I am stepping into in his life. I am so overjoyed to have Joe here in our home!  I don't know what the future holds, and that is okay. For, today Joe is here in our nest, and I am thankful for that fact. Whatever the future, my heart is filled with joy to have him in my nest today and to care for him for as many tomorrows as God grants.


  1. What a glorious story of an expanding-with-joy nest!

  2. What a beautiful way you have of being a new family for Joe and including all the extended family members in it.

    1. Thanks Aunt Barb! Joe has a big circle of people who love him. Can't wait for you to meet him!

  3. What a beautiful way you have of being a new family for Joe and including all the extended family members in it.