Thursday, April 14, 2016

Grandma Jean Schentag

 Some gifts come wrapped in shiny packages, bedecked with elegant bows. Others come in human form, an unexpected outpouring of love and sacrifice.

 I was witness to just such a sacrifice of love this past week when my grandmother- aged 98- flew up from Winnipeg to visit.
It was not easy for her to make this big trip to Edmonton at the age of 98. It took incredible effort on her part, but it meant everything to my family and me to see her again and share this special time with her. She is quite a spunky, special woman.

One of my biggest goals in life right now is to get my health situation to a strong enough place that I (and Eric and Samantha of course) can fly down to Winnipeg to visit her in her home town!   I told her I am going to print out a photo of her and put it on the wall and look at it every day to remind me to keep focused on this goal.

I asked her if she would ever consider moving to Edmonton, but she got a spunky grin on her face and told me she'd lived in Winnipeg since 1936, when she left her family farm at just 18 years old and she wasn't about to move now! Winnipeg is her home.  Can you imagine the changes she's seen in the city over the past  81 years?

I just bid her goodbye, and while my eyes are overflowing with tears, my heart is full to capacity with love and gratitude.

Thanks for coming to visit Grandma Schentag!  We love you.  I am so thankful for the privilege and gift of being your granddaughter.

Grandma and me circa 1982

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