Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A superhero with a hammer instead of a cape

Anyone flying  over the Edmonton city skyline earlier tonight just might have gotten a little blinded by the giant beaming-wattage smile blaring out from my super delighted face.  You see, tonight i got to take my inaugural ride around the block in my new (borrowed) power chair!

The chair was generously lent to me by my Occupational Therapist and her parents the other week.  It was incredibly kind, thoughtful, and generous of them and I am so grateful. It makes a true difference in my life.

The chair needed a special leg support built and attached before I could ride it.  So, yesterday my wonderful dad pulled out his tools, went into his garage, and a few hours later had a perfectly crafted leg support.

 After weeks of having to rely on others to push the manual wheelchair any time we went outside, it was downright exhilarating to have the independence and freedom of controlling and directing my own movements.

Superhero Grandpy Tom
Surprisingly, as i got on the chair for the first time, it uncannily reminded me of my former glory days of roller coaster riding. It felt a lot like that pit of the stomach- exciting feeling you get in the moments between being strapped into the coaster car and when it takes off on its assent up the track.

My hope and goal is my knee will recover over the next several weeks and months until i can once again regain one of my all time favourite hobbies, going for long walks.  Until that time arrives, i am so incredibly grateful to have this powerchair to take me on little rolls around the neighborhood.

It allows me to take a huge step forward, not just in terms of regaining independence but also dignity and quality of life.

From my heart, thanks Dad for building me the leg support.  And thank you again to Pat T. and her big-hearted parents.  You have changed my life. Returned my freedom. Thank you.

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